A fundamental part of the library of Kuny Domokos Museum are the remains of the socialized Piarist collection of Tata. Some pre-1848 pieces of this collection are still the most valuable pieces in the Museum. The library collection was extended by collectors of ancient relics between the two world wars or people who possessed books on history and later sold or donated these to the museum. Books of famous art collectors such as Ödön Kállay or György Lenhardt found their way into our collection this way. Whenever possible the library also purchased legacies of books. The most remarkable of these are Elemér Révhelyi’s and Béla Dornyai’s collections as well as Béla Szőke’s library.
Our collection mainly covers the following: history, archaeology, ethnography, art history and geology. Currently the collection contains 32.000 items, including 23.000 volumes of books, and the remaining are periodicals.